Older adults satisfied with aging more likely to seek health screenings.
"Adults over 50 who feel comfortable about aging are more proactive in getting preventive health care services, a new University of Michigan study found." (October 2014)
Optimism associated with lower risk of heart failure.
"Optimistic older adults who see the glass as half full appear to have a reduced risk of developing heart failure." (April 2014)
Watch your step: Older African Americans fall less often.
"A University of Michigan study examining how race and ethnicity predicts the frequency of falls by older people shows that African Americans are less likely to fall than others." (July 2014)
Happiness results in fewer doctor visits.
"An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but happiness may be the best prescription, says a University of Michigan researcher." (December 2013)
Children of long-lived parents less likely to get cancer.
"The offspring of parents who live to a ripe old age are more likely to live longer and are less prone to cancer and other common diseases associated with aging, a study that involved a University of Michigan researcher has revealed." (May 2013)
A 'purpose in life' lowers risk of stroke for older adults.
"Among older American adults, a greater purpose in life is linked with a lower risk of stroke, a new University of Michigan study found..." (March 2013) [Español]