Why do so many seniors with memory loss and dementia never get tested?
"U-M study finds more than half with signs of dementia haven't seen a doctor about it, points to need for more use of Medicare's free cognitive check." (November 2014) [Español]
Mentally challenging jobs may keep your mind sharp long after retirement.
"A mentally demanding job may stress you out today but can provide important benefits after you retire, according to a new study." (March 2014)
Study finds dementia care costs among highest of all diseases; comparable to cancer, heart disease.
"The costs of caring for people with dementia in the U.S. are comparable to - if not greater than - those for heart disease and cancer, according to new estimates by researchers at the University of Michigan Health System and nonprofit RAND Corporation. Annual healthcare costs tied to dementia, including both formal and unpaid care, reach $159-$215 billion - rivaling the most costly major diseases - according to the findings that appear in The New England Journal of Medicine." (May 2013)
Study shows real social costs of caring for cognitively impaired elders.
The real social costs of cognitive impairments among the elderly are being greatly underestimated without counting care given to older Americans who have not yet reached the diagnostic threshold for dementia. (March 2011)